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Sao Tome and Principe is one of the most secure places in the world. Located on the equator line, the archipelago is out from hurricane zone. Hence, the meteorological context of São Tomé and Príncipe islands are not similar to the archipelagos such as Seychelles or Maldives. 

Despite the poverty, Sao Tomean people are known by their hospitality, serenity and benevolence. These are two small islands, where most people know each other and whose crime rate is extremely low.

Women and children can move freely without any major risks. The daily life of this people follows the rhythmic of a particular quiet and relaxed lifestyle, “leve leve” (slowly, slowly), an expression that is often used by the local people. Therefore, stress, nervousness, or even insecurity are not part of the archipelago's social climate.

It is due to the Sao Tomean people hospitality that makes this destination an exceptional place, where you can take advantage of a quiet and serene environment. It is clear that, as anywhere in the world, a minimum of precaution is needed, especially in the capital of São Tomé, the busiest area of the archipelago, because zero risk exists nowhere in the world.


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Offers that can be adapted to your demands

It’s our goal to make sure we meet all of your expectations during your trip to avoid wasting your time searching. We find for you information about the journey of your dreams, according to your criterion and it is free of any costs.

Direct contact with local professionals 

Our goal is to promote in Sao Tome and Principe islands, an authentic, personalized and alternative tourism. In this sense, after defining your request, we will put you in direct contact with local professionals without affecting your budget.

Personalized assistance

Our team of enthusiasts personnel will be available to  help you define and carry out your travel project in Sao Tome and Principe islands. For this purpose, we have established a personalized accompaniment service from your departure to your arrival, in order to make your stay even more extraordinary.

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Découvrez une terre singulière et unique au monde : l'archipel de São Tomé-et-Principe. Cette destination est idéale pour les amoureux de nature, de rencontre et d'authenticité.

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