No vaccines are required for travelers coming from Europe. However, we recommend you to update the following vaccinations: tetanus, polio, diphtheria, hepatitis, and yellow fever.

Given the high precarious health conditions of the archipelago, it is strongly  recommended to bring with you a first aid kit containing mosquito repellent, gauze, disinfectant and antibiotics.

Sunscreen is strongly suggested, especially when you go venturing on the beautiful beaches of the archipelago.

In order to avoid mosquito’s bites, have preference for long-sleeved pants or shirts when you go out and apply repellent to the uncovered parts of your body. If you use sunscreen, apply it before using the repellent.

In early 2000s, malaria represented a real scourge, but it has considerably declined due to the numerous actions implemented by the Government. Nowadays, people rarely die from this disease that has been endemic for a long time. Today, the risks are insignificant, an exceptional case in Central Africa.  In the archipelago, the mortality rate for a population of slightly more than 200,000 (2017) decreased from 33.8 per 1,000 in 2009 to 9.7 per 1000 in 2014, according to the 2014 World Malaria Report. In the same year, the country reported no existence of deaths caused by malaria.

However, we recommend preventive antimalarial treatment prescribed by your doctor in order to ensure an even more peaceful stay.

Despite the extremely low risk, we advise explorers to bring a poison aspirator due to the black snake, whose bite is deadly and it has not completely disappeared from the deep forests of the archipelago. The poison aspirator is a first aid action but it does not replace the necessary appointment and an immediate medical service, crucial in case of snakebite, scorpion bites or other serious cases.

As in your daily life, avoid the risks of getting any type of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy through the use of condoms.

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