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In Sao Tome and Príncipe, the climate is in line with the archipelago geographical situation, that is, a tropical, warm and humid climate that allows the existence of an exuberant flora. Due to the mountainous topography of the archipelago, there is a great variety of microclimates. The climate is warm in places with low altitude and it is temperate in areas with an altitude higher than 700 meters. For example, it rains very often in the South of Sao Tome island. The scientists estimate the average annual air temperature to approximately 26 ° C at the coast. The temperature decreases due to the relief and rises only to 20,5 ° C from 640 meters of altitude, and to 14 ° C to 1500 meters of altitude.

The humid winds in the Southwest of Sao Tome island are being intercepted by the mountains, the annual rainfall exceeds 7,000 mm in the Southwest part while in the far Northeast part is less than 700 mm.

During the warmer months, from October to May, the temperature can rise to 30 ° C in coastal areas. In these areas, the average annual temperature and the humidity are very high (about 80%).

Weather Sao Tomé and Principe

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